Here is a little background of Fisheries Management Strategies as related to 2006 ICES Symposium
The process of Fisheries Management is drew on multiple methods to protect fishery resources in a way that a more sustainable exploitation of fishes is made possible.

The process takes into considerations many important aspects as it is related to fishery, from planning to resources gathering, consultation, formulations, researches and iterations and final implementation.

The Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries, a Fisheries Management Strategy 2006

This article is the conclusion and summary for the Fisheries Management Strategies held on June 2006 at the rim of Atlantic Ocean in Galway. the objective of the symposium is to discuss management reforms on the collapsing stocks as well as the high amount of fishing fleets world wide. The event itself is hosted by Marine Institute of Ireland. Involving more than 23 countries.

About the 2006 ICES Symposium

The ICES stands for International Council for the Exploration of the Sea. It is a global organization with more than 2000 marine scientists working for the sole purpose of advancing marine science.

The negative effects of global commercial fishing process can be clearly seen on the natural oceanic ecosystem. There has been a lot of damages caused by these operations and are considered very substantial.

The 2006 ICES symposiums on Fisheries Management is a 5 days symposium with keynote speakers, presentations, that get together with the purpose of providing more lights and challenges on fisheries management. The scientists, researches and articles around the world is collected in order to come up with a better fisheries gear that are friendly to the natural ecosystem and considerate of the socioeconomic impact to the planet.

The objective of this conference was pursued for a themetic reasosns. The Marine biologists have agreed that the necessary changes are needed to be implemented. This can only be done by thorough collaboration of researchers. The current problems facing fisheries management strategy is needed to be met in order to ensure a net positive repercussions in global fishing management standard practice. Current fishing standards are purely unsustainable in the long run.

What is Fisheries Management Strategies?

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