The implications and actionable steps were made to assess and overcome looming issues that emerged from the 2006 symposium of Fisheries management strategies. the several looming issues can be summarized as follows

Current state of affairs for Mobile and static gears used in resource surveys for Marine biologies
The topics discussed were on the studies of how the design and uses of survey gears were actually implemented and the level of effects in causes on the marine biology lives. Whether or not the fish behaviors at scale were affected in the long term due to the standard practices adopted by these designed gears.

The conclusion met was that there is a high demand in this industry for new innovation that is more effectively met with the ecosystem survey requirements. They must be both economic for the fishing agencies as well as abide by regulations and rules set forth by the governing bodies of the industry.

Fishers and fishing practices response to Fisheries Management Strategy
The study confirms that the current standard practice used and embraced by fisheries management strategy is not well suited for its purpose. Scientists observes and successfully conclude the the success of gear used in technical measurements and exploitation of fisheries were less than 50%.

Improvement in fishing technology

The Fishery scientists had made an attempt to provide a rather more accurate overall pictures to the estimates in the state of resources and marine biology ecosystem.

Important Factor in the technology

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Last Few Words on 2006 ICES Symposium on Fisheries Management Strategies

Although there were a lot of concerns about issues and arguements that were largely discussed and inconclusive during the Fisheries Mangement Strategies meeting, one can say that the objective for the event is met and there are big steps forward for the entire organization as well as everybody involved. The methods to creating a more effective conservation of marine lives are created and action plans are implemented and agreed upon by all parties involved.

Key messages about Buffalo electrical symposium

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