Fishing is an important part of the economy in a lot of societies around the world and this makes fisheries management strategies even more important in order to secure a reliable source of food and income for large populations in various countries.

The symposium held in 2006 made an important contribution to the global reflection about resource management and people well-being. Fish can provide proteins and vitamins to many people. However, stock depletion is an issue that needs to be solved if we want the future generations to be able to enjoy the same benefits.

Fishing responsibly and managing the available resources in the best way possible requires coordination and communication at all levels in order to ensure success and well-being for the areas concerned.

The keynote speakers present at the event were all well-known scientists and experts on the subject and they made a valuable contribution to the global effort to manage halieutic resources better. Most marine biologists across the world agree that something needs to be done and that the necessary measures can be implemented fast enough to save the planet.

The International Council for Exploitation of the Sea (ICES) is proud to make a significant contribution by organizing and planning conferences and events in several countries every year. Most of our conferences are held alongside our contracted partners. Every year we team up with interesting local businesses and everyone benefits from networking. There’s always a company like Buffalo dumpster rental, that is loving what they do and the energy is fearless.

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Natural ecosystems still have a chance to recover and replenish their resources.

We are confident that improved fisheries management strategies can change the course of current events and help more than one fish species to avoid extinction.

Dumpster Coordination and Communication is Vital!

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